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Sapphire R7 260X OC

* The fastest clocked card AMD has ever produced!

New GPU on the market. Though it is just a rebrand HD 7790 with higher clocks. But we should see some cool new features like TrueAudio support which can bring gaming to a whole new level. Only R7 260X, R9 290 and R9 290X support it so far.

Clock speed GPU VRAM
Stock: 1100 Mhz 6525 Mhz
Sapphire OC 1150 Mhz 6600 Mhz
My OverClock 1280 Mhz 7200 Mhz

Some benchmarks:

– 3DMark Fire Strike
4187 | i7 920 @4011MHz | Sapphire R7 260X, 1280/7200 MHz |

– 3DMark 11
7055 | i7 920 @4011MHz | Sapphire R7 260X, 1288/7200 MHz |

Game benchmarks can be found here:

GPU-Z ASIC Quality = 74.1%