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Windows 7+Vista+XP=WIN COMBO! ’02 laptop gaming

Dell Latitude C640 Laptop

A longย  ago i had some fun with this laptop from 2002. It came with Windows 2000 OS.

I did some testing under Windows 7 OS to see if system made before XP debut could run games made in ’04/’05/’06… ON Windows 7!

– Intel Pentium 4 M 1.8 Ghz 512 KB Cache Northwood S478
– 2×256 DDR RAM 266 Mhz
– ATI Radeon Mobility 7500 32 MB DX7
– LCD Resolution 1400×1050 ๐Ÿ™‚
– Windows 7 Professional x86-32-bit


Videos below proove that even old Windows 2000 era laptop can play Windows XP games with Windows Vista drivers on Windows 7.

Isn’t that just awesome! WINDOWS COMBO FTW! ๐Ÿ˜€


Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Game runs smooth enough and is playable on lowest settings / 640×480. Video card is unsupported by Windows 7. I had to use Vista generic drivers and games work.


Need For Speed: Most Wanted

Game runs fine and is playable on lowest settings – smooth enough.


Need For Speed: Underground 2

Game runs good and is playable on lowest settings but hard to say it’s smooth (60 fps) because of occasionally lags.


TOCA Race Driver 3

Game runs with awesome framerates because it’s so smooth while playing. No stuttering, no lags on this old video card.


Colin McRae Rally 04

Game runs awesome. It is so smooth while playing. No stuttering, no lag.


Ford Racing 3

Gameplay is smooth. No stuttering, no lag.


TrackMania Nations Forever

Game runs very smooth. No lag at all. Fluid gameplay.